Essie Clambake


My go-to nail shades are as follows: a milky lavender-nude, a vibrant orange-meets-red and some kind of burgundy-noir. It’s extremely rare that I’ll opt for anything different – maybe a seasonal glitter for fun – so I’m always looking for new staples to add to my collection, without deviating from what suits me.


Essie’s Clambake has been on my radar for some time now, my curiosity heightened further by Into the Gloss’ ode to the shade. After searching high and low, I finally spotted a lone bottle in a pharmacy in Amsterdam – of all places – and I don’t think I’ve ever purchased anything so fast!


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sucker when it comes to the name of a product, and I’m really digging this one! I’ve grown tired of puns and cutesy names – Clambake sounds cool and I just love it (probably because it’s food-related, let’s be real).


Though described as a ‘fire-bright creamy red-orange’, this baby is most definitely a jelly formula. And as with most finishes of that ilk, it does apply a little sheer – two coats and you’ll still see the whites on your nails – so I like to do three, keep my nails relatively short and hope for the best. You do, however, end up with a lovely plumped effect that works well to disguise any ridges or marks on the nails. It’s such a great colour that I can happily glaze over any transparency issues.


It’s taken me a while to get around to using it for a mani as I’ve had gels on for a few weeks – I think I’m a bit of a convert, but more on that another time – but I love the shade for a pedicure. I adore an orange-red for its skin-brightening abilities, the sunny hue works so well for my warm-toned (albeit pale) skin and it just makes me so happy to look at!


I’m looking to try Geranium next for comparison, but I’d love to hear your suggestions! What do you think of Clambake?


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