Roses for Fussy Noses


For so long I’ve sworn off rose scents altogether: too old-fashioned, grandma-like and generally headache-inducing.


In recent months I’ve heard myself say “I like this, and I don’t even like rose!” more times than I care to count.


So maybe I do like rose, which brings me to a round-up of roses that even I can get on board with..



LUSH Rose Jam Shower Gel • My all-time favourite rose scent, I just can’t get enough! As the name would suggest, it’s unnervingly mouth-watering – so far I’ve managed to resist spreading it on toast, but using this leaves my skin feeling super soft, and the scent lingers all day. Weirdly, this is part of the limited edition Christmas collection (despite being hugely profitable as a year-round seller thanks to my addiction alone, I’m sure). You can get the small bottle with the Rosie Gift Set along with a handful of other products in the same scent – Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner being another firm favourite. I have an armful of bottles to get me through the year, but I’m still antsy about my stash running out. Another great rose-centric pick is the Rosy Cheeks Face Mask, which helps to soothe skin in need of some TLC. Perfect for enjoying while you soak in the tub!


Diptyque Baies • An oldie, but a goodie! This scent is paired with blackcurrant leaves, resulting in a fresh, juicy scent that fills the room in no time. I’m obsessed! More often than not I’ll go for the bigger size, as not only are they better value for your money, they’re also great for storing brushes, cotton buds et al. See also: L’Ombre dans l’Eau, not dissimilar to the bright and sweet Baies, only in fragrance form, and Ôponé – spicy, woody and irresistible.


Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud • From the Cologne Intense line, this is intoxicating and heady – in a good way. Think of it as the cooler, older sister to Jo Malone’s original Red Roses (massively popular, but exactly the kind of dated, overpowering rose I tend to steer clear of). The most perfect ‘date night’ scent, as my generous slatherings of the Dry Body Oil in the early days of my relationship can attest to. I might dry shampoo my hair more and shave my legs less these days.. I digress. Just wear this scent when you want to feel sexy.


Sunday Riley Flora Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil • An absolutely delicious smelling oil (much like Rose Jam, but a touch more posh) that I’ve barely gone a day without using in almost two years. It feels almost ritualistic to apply and my skin happily drinks it up without feeling heavy despite its nectar-like thickness. 2-4 drops depending on the time of year and I never find it to interfere with makeup when used as part of my morning routine.


Chloé Eau de Parfum • I’m a total latecomer to this fragrance: I had a bottle gathering dust at home and came across this cute little rollerball when in Sephora during my trip to Barcelona last summer. What is it about miniatures that is just so hard to resist? Needless to say, approx. two minutes after testing it was purchased and has remained a part of my every day bag since. My boyfriend isn’t the biggest fan of this one – it does nod towards a more classic rose – but the notes of peony and amber swing it for me.


How do you feel about rose scents? I’m eager to try more, so please feel free to recommend below!


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