Vans x Peanuts


You know when you’re totally on a roll with the whole not spending thing for once, and actually maybe also quite enjoying being free from materialistic desires? This is the precise moment you’ll see something that makes your heart go a bit funny and you absolutely must give in immediately. Soz savings.


This happened to me a couple of weeks ago.


Vans did another Peanuts collab a few years back (as modelled by yours truly right here) – and what can I say? I love Vans. I LOVE Peanuts. I’m usually hot on it with new releases, especially limited edition stuff, so was surprised to see the announcements all over social a day before launch.


Only one thing for it: TREAT. YO. SELF.


The Woodstock print Authentics called out to me and that was pretty much that. I’d say my face didn’t break into a cheesy grin as I unboxed them, but that’d make me a big fat liar.


AREN’T THEY JUST SO STINKIN’ CUTE?! I love everything about them; they’re so cheery and look amazing with bronzed skin & blue jeans (still wearing these ones from Matalan to death btw). I can’t stop staring at them!


I didn’t think I’d be dedicating an entire blog post to a pair of shoes, but here we are. Moral of the story? Life’s too short. Buy the damn shoes.



The Vans x Peanuts collection is available now at Vans / ASOS / Schuh / Office


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